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Welcome to AiPath Technologies Inc, your complete eLearning solutions partner and more.

We are an innovative software development company specializing in artificial intelligence. We offer customized educational and corporate training solutions to take your organization’s needs and goals to the next level. The Ai Series (AiAuthor, AiLibrary, AiMaster) has a wide range of uses for every business, promising a powerful virtual learning tool available anytime, any place.

Since its birth, AiPath continues to provide wide ranges of software solutions for all sizes of organizations and business enterprises. Our team offer to troubleshoot problematic websites, various computer hardware and software problems with high quality work at very reasonable prices!

Remodel or add new pages of your existing sites
Create a brand new website
Develop productive contents for your business site
Create on-line submit forms
Develop auto email notifications
Implement database web solutions
Create eLearning pages
Multimedia product demo solutions
Virtual video tour web solutions
Implement Corporate wide IP PBX

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The eLearning cycle is similar to other learning scenarios - It starts with someone's need or desire for knowledge. An author creates a book to fulfill this need. The book is then published, purchased and read.

AiAuthor is the authoring tool for teachers, professionals and experts. They create the eBooks for users. Using the latest interactive multimedia technology, the author can input text, graphics, video, audio or animation quickly and easily. The software design facilitates ease of use.

AiLibrary is the eBook repository. Here mass quantities of eBooks are warehoused.

AiMaster is the “master” of the Ai series. By using the built-in search function, users can browse the eBooks to find the subject/topic of their choosing. User access can be customized for internal (private) or external use; for sale, by membership, special permissions or other. Resulting metrics such as user statistics, subject retention and browse history are also available for management and teachers to review.

The benefits of eLearning are countless. Whether you need a sophisticated custom-made knowledge distribution application, an effective training solution for your employees and management or specialized learning solutions for personal challenges, you've found the right company.


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