Olga Chowdhury is a Spiritually Inspired Intuitive Artist, Olga performs artwork using her fingertips and call her unique style artwork as the "Finger Drawn Intuitive Art". She utilizes her inner senses to draw an art object for a particular individual(s) without planning or knowing what she was going to draw when she starts her work. This page contains images and interview videos involving Olga's work and family life.

In her struggle for 'personal development' at the age of 33, she discovered her talent in a special kind of artwork through which she hoped to transmit ‘Energy of Love’. She began to paint professionally and introduced the world a new kind of art as the ‘Finger Drawn Intuitive Art’. Within a year, she created about 80 pieces of such ‘finger drawn Intuitive artwork’ and held her first art exhibition in the spring of 2010. The exhibition was a great success with all her artworks sold out. Since then she held numbers of art exhibitions, became star of mess media attention and had her art sold to admirers around the world. Currently Olga is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.




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